Born in Kuala Lumpur, Sue Ling graduated with First Class Honours from the London School of Economics & Political Science and earned her Masters in Finance from the University of Cambridge in 2000.  After working at an investment bank for three years, she left for Shanghai to be part of the economic boom there and to do pioneering work in finance.  Upon her return to Kuala Lumpur a few years later, she was involved in consulting, which was followed swiftly by her forming her own entrepreneurial venture retailing telecommunications services.

In 2009, she experimented in design and metalsmithing.  “It was then that I realised my calling.  I had always loved the fashion industry, the art world, and the engineering function behind any product or service.  Jewellery design and fabrication seemed to me like the perfect amalgamation of these three fields,” she says.  Sue Ling is now best-known for designing and handcrafting one-of-its-kind or limited edition jewellery in precious metals and gems, that are juxtapositions of contemporary design with the artisanal traditions in the craft of jewellery-making.  Her every piece is an inspired creation, reflecting her passion for luxe with an edge, and the desire to make the wearer feel special.  “Designing and making my own art is almost like reaching into my soul and pulling out a part of myself to give to someone.”

Fans now include well-known celebrities in the region and her jewellery has been featured in magazines and by local designers, fashion runways, Singaporean film “Taxi! Taxi!” and Season 3 of TV series “Code of Law”, Hong Kong film “A Fantastic Ghost Wedding” and the finals of reality competition Supermodelme Asia.  In 2014, Expat Living Singapore named Sue Ling one of the 30 designers they love most.

In an interview with the Malaysian national newspaper The Star in 2012, Sue Ling said of her continuous self re-invention:  “The progression is akin to a journey of self-discovery and I often pause to make a holistic assessment of my professional pursuits. Our individual capacity to learn, and to keep learning throughout our lives, is immense. I have no doubt that this is not the end of my learning experience.”



Artisan and statement jewellery fabricated in precious metals and gems.  Each piece is a one of a kind or limited edition, specially designed and hand-crafted by the designer.